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Luxembourg Presidency 2015 of the European Union

European Union

Official launch of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union

On Friday 3 July the Luxembourgish term starts

Conférence de presse du lancement de la Présidence luxembourgeoiseFrom 1 July to 31 December 2015, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will occupy the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the twelfth time.

The Presidency of the Council is always a major challenge for a member state, but it also presents a fantastic opportunity to participate in the design of European policy and to formulate priorities.

One of the Luxembourg Presidency’s priorities is to put ‘the citizen at the heart of the European project.’ The Luxembourg Presidency will take particular care that the real, direct interest of citizens is better taken into account in all policies of the Union.

This context of ‘A Union for citizens’ also encompasses the plan to organise for the first time in Luxembourg, in close partnership with the City of Luxembourg, European capital, an event for the general public to celebrate the launch of the Presidency together with citizens.

European picnic (from 4 pm to midnight)

To mark the official launch, the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the City of Luxembourg invite the public to the “European picnic” to be held on Friday 3 July 2015 from 4 pm to midnight on the Place d’Armes and in front of the Maison de l’Europe, in the rue du Curé, in the rue des Capucins and on the Place du Théâtre.Illustration of the official launch of the Luxembourg Presidency

Visitors will be able to discover and taste the culinary specialities of the 28 Member States of the European Union.  A happy hour will also be organised at the official launch.

For this big event, the Luxembourg City Tourist Office has developed a musical programme to provide the atmosphere during the evening launch of the Luxembourg Presidency. ‘Big Band Spectrum’ will give a concert at 7.30 pm on the Place d’Armes and SOS Fanfare – Jazz, the Percussion Ensemble of the Conservatoire of the City of Luxembourg and the Nobbie Dixie Band will perform along the culinary itinerary.

Official programme

The Presidency will be officially launched on Friday 3 July at 6.30 pm:

Place d’Armes:

  • Solemn Fanfare – Luxembourg Brass Ensemble
  • Brief speeches
  • European antham by the Pueri cantores from the Luxembourg City Conservatory, Sonia Weber (piano), Luxembourg Brass Ensemble (Pierre Kremer, Roman Zaremba (trumpets), Leo Halsdorf (French horn), Serguei Khmielevskoi (trombone), Patrick Krysatis (tuba)), direction: Pierre Nimax
  • Official launch
  • Official presentation of the special edition ‘Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union’ postage stamp
  • Launch of the ‘European CVCE Quiz’

Place du Théâtre:

  • Opening of the ‘Indoor – Outdoor’ art project
    • Introduction by Lydie Polfer, Mayor
    • Project Presentation by Patricia Lippert, artist

Postal stamp — special ‘Presidency’ edition

Timbre-poste - édition spéciale "Présidence"As for the last Luxembourg Presidency in 2005, the Post will launch again a special edition of ‘Presidency’ postage stamps.

This stamp will bear the logo of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union. It is mainly in the colours of the Luxembourg flag.

For the two stamps (L50g / E50g), it was chosen to focus on the red square with ‘.lu’ within it.

This logo is reinforced on the edge of the sheet by a strong visual identity, namely the silhouette of the city of Luxembourg – European capital – welcoming and open, thus combining tradition and modernity.

In order to offer users and philatelists a special stamp which is unique and reflects the innovative spirit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a completely new production process has been used to produce this special ‘Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2015’ edition.

These stamps are adhesive, perforated like normal sheets of stamps and scored for quick and easy use. This is the first time that these three techniques have been combined.

CVCE Europa Quiz:

cvce-quiz_ENAs part of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Virtual Resoure Centre for Knowledge about Europe (Centre virtuel de la connaissance sur l’Europe, CVCE) has initiated the CVCE Europa Quiz:

The competition is organised in close partnership with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and Digital Lëtzebuerg, with the support by the Representation of the European Commission and the European Parliament’s Information Office in Luxembourg.

The quiz is based on the application of game mechanisms to scientific resources on the process of the building of Europe. The gamification process is part of the CVCE’s aim of scientific mediation.

The competition is open to Luxembourg and European citizens and particularly aims to make young people aware of the European project and Luxembourg’s specific role, and to create a testbed for the design of innovative digital tools in the field of knowledge sharing. The competition can be entered in French, German and English.

Throughout the Presidency, from 3 July to 31 December, those interested will have the opportunity to participate in the competition. Each day a new question on a Europe-related topic will be asked. A host of prizes are to be won!

These prizes include a magnificent trip offered by LuxairTours, InterRail BENELUX One Country Passes offered by Luxembourg’s National Railway Company (CFL), wellness stays offered by the Mondorf Thermal Spa Domain and Go-Pro cameras offered by Nvision.

‘Indoor — Outdoor’ Art project

From 3 July to the end of August, the ‘Indoor — Outdoor’ art project will be installed on the Place du Théâtre and reflect the thoughts of some ten artists on Europe and the European identity.

Vanessa Buffone, Florence Hoffmann, Patricia Lippert, Yann Ney, Julie Schroell, Pascale Seil, Claude Thoma, Max Thommes, Paul Bourrigan, Benjamin Nicaud and a class of the Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers under the direction of Michèle Jans will present to the public installations, performances, videos, sculptures, photographs, paintings, banners and live painting and invite everybody to interact with and react to their works.

Night shopping

The shops of the upper city will also join in the event by offering extended opening on 3 July until 8.00 pm (list and opening hours of participating shops on


Free Wi-Fi throughout the Luxembourg Presidency

Wi-Fi HOTCITY gratuitFrom June 2015 to January 2016, the Luxembourg government, in partnership with the City of Luxembourg and the City of Esch-sur-Alzette, offers free internet access in the territories of their respective cities, via the Wi-Fi HOTCITY network.

The portal which people must use in order to be able to enjoy free access to the Internet is multilingual. The portal display adjusts to the size of the device screen (responsive design) in order to ensure the best possible ergonomics depending on the device used.

As for the network of antennas, the coverage has been extended to the Luxembourg Kirchberg district. During the last six weeks, the City of Luxembourg installed 44 additional antennas along the avenue J.F. Kennedy and around the European institutions.

Free network name in the City of Luxembourg: CITYLUXFREE

The City of Esch-sur-Alzette, including the Belval site, currently offers 210 access points. In recent weeks, 21 additional antennas have been installed in Belval.

Free network name in the City of Esch-sur-Alzette: CITYESCHFREE

Whereas currently, in paying mode, connections amount to approximately 3,000 a day, officials expect about 6,000 connections a day from the start of the Luxembourg Presidency.

Visual identity of the Presidency

Logo of the Presidency

Unlike the 2005 Presidency, no new visual was developed for the 2015 Presidency, but the logo for the promotion of Luxembourg abroad has been adapted so as to put the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at the centre of the future Luxembourg Presidency.

The logo exists in three language versions: French, German and English.

Logo officiel de la Présidence luxembourgeoise du Conseil de l'Union européenneThe logo in its original version takes up the name ‘Luxembourg’. It includes, beside the colour black, the colours blue, white and red, symbolising the country.

For the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2015, this logo has undergone the following changes:

  • The focus is put on the name ‘Grand Duchy of Luxembourg’ by increasing the font size. Furthermore, the title is now written in capital letters to give a strong message as to the positioning of the country.
  • In its original version, the logo ended with a red dot. In the new version, the dot is blue and placed before the ‘.lu’ that refers to the national extension. In addition, it points to the portal, the site for the presentation and promotion of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a single entry point for all general information related to the Grand Duchy: tourism, culture, politics, economics, society …
  • A more graphic form was given to the original red square containing the ‘.l'”, in order to give it a more contemporary look.
  • The words ‘Presidency of the Council of the European Union’ are to the left of the logo and aligned to the right, in a neutral colour (grey).

Skyline of Luxembourg, European capital

In addition to the logo of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the skyline of Luxembourg, European capital, completes the visual identity of this twelfth Presidency.

The skyline is a reflection of this dynamic capital city with a rich past of over a thousand years, steeped in tradition, yet decidedly projected towards the future. Its rich architectural heritage and picturesque neighbourhoods invite visitors to discover this city which has played a leading role in the building of Europe.

The silhouette reproduces the three emblematic areas of the capital: the Kirchberg district with the European institutions, the city centre with its buildings steeped in history and the vibrant Central Station area. The two bridges connecting these neighbourhoods symbolise the transition from tradition to modernity.

Skyline de Luxembourg, capitale européenne

Welcome to Luxembourg, European capital

The skyline is accompanied by the message ‘Welcome to Luxembourg, European capital’.

During the six months of the Luxembourg Presidency, several strategic sites will display the colours of the Presidency:

  • European Convention Center Luxembourg (ECCL), the former Kirchberg Conference Centre;
  • Luxembourg City train station;
  • Luxembourg airport;
  • Luxembourg City;
  • Belval;
  • Welcome signs on the motorways,
  • etc.

Information and communication of the Presidency through its Internet site

Information and communication of the Luxembourg Presidency will be carried out via the website of the Presidency

The site will go online in the last week of June 2015.

It will be trilingual: French, German and English.

(Source: joint press release by the Ministry of Foreign and Europen Affairs and the City of Luxembourg)

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